One side,Tile Insert max12mm thickness   


One side,Stainless steel flate grate

Made by Stainless steel SUS304 and SUS316

High stronger PP drain
Made by CNC machine
Channel is 1.2mmChannel body with 2cm flange
Outlet as Dn40/DN50
Standard width is 7cm and Custom size
Min. Install height is 70mm

Stainless strainer
water seal height is 30mm
Removed adjustable foot

Design standard: 

BS EN1253-2015

Drain base with sloped,5mm

Design advantages

1.Flow:45L/min(DN40) without strainer

2.Outlet 360-degree,save adapter,flow quickly

3.Easy cleanning

Design Drawing

Order size-- F1781 model

◆12"   ◆18"   ◆24"   ◆28"   ◆32cm   ◆36"   ◆40"    ◆48"    ◆60"   ◆72" ◆custom size

◆30cm  ◆60cm  ◆70cm  ◆80cm  ◆90cm  ◆100cm  ◆120cm  ◆150cm  ◆180cm  ◆custom size

Drain Cover,T01




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